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Contrary to popular belief, disasters do happen, and they do not always happen to the other person.

Organizations need a Business Contingency Plan for protection of market share and brand reputation, regulatory compliance, maintenance of cash flow, protection of vital records, protection of assets and employees, and the survival of the company.

Companies don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!

A Business Contingency Plan (BCP) is the formal documentation outlining what the business will do when disaster strikes. It is developed by a business in preparation for a sustained, significant disaster, such as severe weather, fire, or terrorist attack. A well-written plan outlines......

At first glance, the idea of developing a Contingency Plan may appear to be overwhelming. However, by following the systematic approach found on BISIMPLIFIED.COM, you will find the components divided into clearly defined and manageable segments.

Contingency Planning

Business Interruption Examples


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